Single Origin Chocolate with Intention

Made in Wauwatosa, WI, we use traditional Bean to Bar chocolate making techniques and craft uniquely flavored rare chocolate.

Cacao de Origen con Intencion

Hecho en Wauwatosa, WI nosotros conservamos la tradición de Granos de origen a la tableta y usamos técnicas únicas que nos brindan chocolates exclusivos de procesos artesanales.

Chocolat d'origine unique avec intention

Fabriqué à Wauwatosa, WI, nous utilisons des techniques traditionnelles de fabrication du chocolat Bean to Bar et fabriquons du chocolat rare au goût unique.

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Tabal: n. Relationship; Anything attached to or connected to another.

In 2012 Dan began the quest for a healthy flavourful chocolate, an amazing hot chocolate, and a world wide adventure of relationship building.  

Beginning with some Mexican, Lachandon Jungle cacao and other horizontally traded ingredients, Tabal Chocolate began a journey to help stabilize a challenged neighborhood and to part take in the development of the craft chocolate industry in the US. 

Nibs for brewing beer

New origins & flavor profiles

Tabal carries a variety of cacao nibs for breweries of all sizes. We work with you to customize the flavour profile. We also offer a liquid cacao "ChoLiq" that can be added directly into your brew.

Experience Excellence



Friendly service & love their chocolate! Can't wait to check out their store!

— TJ


Love this place We even had Mocha coffee Nice to see you carry coconut milk

— Dorothy


Amazing chocolate and they support small scale farmers too!

— Mark

Ethnically Sourced

We establish long term relationships with cacao farmers that are filled with mutual support, education, and sustainability. We support cacao reforestation, gender equity on farms, and biodiversity preservation.

In our local community we reach out to educational institutions and organizations to teach about direct trade, food production, and chocolate as a superfood.

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Now Serving Gelato, Vegan Sorbet, Hot Chocolate, Mocha, & Coffee Drinks

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Single Origin Chocolate Bars

All of the Tabal chocolate bars are made with single origin cacao sourced from small scale farmers who are commited to preserving the ecosystem and biodiversity, cacao tree reforestation, and gender equity on farms.


Join us in learning the delicate art of Bean to Bar Chocolate making.

Bosques de cacao yaguraes

Building Relationships Worldwide Through Chocolate Since 2012

Family owned, horizontal direct trade importer of fine flavored cacao and superfoods. Driven by our intention to respect small scale farmers and develop market access.

What we do is connect farmers with other farmers and academics who have those skills and can train each other in excellent agricultural practices. 

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