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      What Makes Tabal The Alternative & Sustainable Chocolate?


      • We infuse Organic TEA and SUPERFOOD’s into our chocolates to add nutrients, flavors and interesting textures.

      • We use a wide variety of SINGLE ORIGINS including Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua

      • All our chocolates range between 58% and 100% cacao content.

      • We only add whole food ingredients to improve the flavor of our bars like (tea, cacao butter, vanilla bean, and chili.


      • We transform the worlds most flavorful cacao into stone ground craft dark chocolate.

      • We roast, winnow, and stone grind the cacao on-site in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

      • Our chocolate is free of soy, dairy, gluten, fillers, preservatives, and is low in sugar.


      • We are committed to creating a healthier, more flavorful and socially just chocolate than conventional chocolate.

      • To do so we establish long term relationships with cacao farmers that are filled with mutual support, education, and sustainability.

      • In our local community we reach out to educational institutions and organizations to teach about direct trade, food production, and chocolate as a superfood.

      • We offer a wide product selection including: chocolate, cacao nibs, cacao tea, cacao butter, cacao skins, and cacao powder.