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Title: COLOMBIA NIBS (8 oz.) $10.50
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  • Brewing beer and spirits
  • Baking to add flavor and nutrients
  • As a snack mixed with nuts, berries and sweets or straight
  • On just about any food to add flavor and crunch
  • In smoothies

Nibs can be purchased by the pound in large and small quantities. We have a wide variety of different nibs from 8 different countries. Each bean has a different flavor profile, from cherry notes to caramel and citrus flavors. We can provide nib samples for you to taste test our product, and we can roast to your specifications.  

Whether you are a small batch chocolate maker or an international brewing company, don't hesitate to contact Tabal Chocolate 414-585-9996 or for your cacao nib processing needs.  

We source our organic cacao beans directly from cacao farms around the world and process them into nibs for our clients. Chefs and makers with high-quality products come to us because they know we have the best cacao nibs. Below is a list of our standard prices for bulk cacao nibs.

Standard retail Cacao Nib Pricing.  Contact Tabal for wholesale pricing 

8 ounce $10.50

1 Pound $20

5 Pounds $97.50

Bulk quantities available.  Please contact Tabal Chocolate for bulk or wholesale pricing at larger quantities.

The above pricing chart sets forth our standard pricing if you are looking to buy cacao nibs. We have a revolving list of cacao beans flowing through our warehouse so make sure to call and check which cacao beans are in stock and check the pricing. Sometimes we have short lead times during periods of high demand.  Some cacao beans are rarer or more difficult to source which can cause some slight differences in pricing. If you would like to buy raw cacao nibs, please call or email us today!


For anyone who has ever tried DIY cacao bean cracking and winnowing, you probably understand what a pain (and mess) it is to do this yourself.

Tabal Chocolate started out doing all of the cracking and winnowing in-house with manual equipment before we developed a standardized and automated process for cacao nib production.

There aren't any low-cost solutions to process cacao beans without taking time and making a mess.

Let Tabal Chocolate be your bulk cacao bean processor and cacao nib supplier.

Although we have set up a medium-scale process for cacao bean cracking and winnowing that doesn't mean that our nibs are any less pure than nibs created by hand.

Our organic direct trade cacao nibs are high quality and highly sought after.  

We adhere to the same high quality process whether we are manufacturing 1 pound or 1,000 pounds of nibs.


Do you have a special way of roasting your cacao beans?

Do you have your own cocoa beans and just need someone to crack and winnow them?

Don't hesitate to reach out and see if we can help with your custom nib recipe.

In addition to roasting customer beans, on any given day we have at least 10 different types of cacao bean varietals to choose from.

Each cacao bean has its own flavor (and local farmer story) to choose from.

If you have custom cacao nib needs, contact us and see if we can help, your secret recipe is safe with us. 


There are multiple ways to a brew an award winning chocolate stout.

As direct ingredient purists, we like to think that cacao nibs are a better solution than chocolate flavored malt.

To us, chocolate flavored malt is akin to french vanilla flavored coffee beans. 

Tabal Chocolate got into bulk cacao nib processing by manufacturing nibs for regional breweries.

If you are working on a chocolate stout, we can provide you with some samples of our nibs to find the taste profile that you are looking for.

When you find the perfect flavor for your beer, everybody wins. 


Chocolate is at the heart of who we are and what we do. 

Tabal is a Bean to Bar Chocolate maker, we understand what chocolate makers need in Cacao Nibs.

We know how to roast cacao beans to ensure that the most sought after flavor attributes come out in the nibs.

We know how to crack the cacao beans and winnow out the husks, leaving only the nibs. If you are a start-up chocolate maker working with a Spectra 11 in your kitchen, we know what it is like, we have been there.

Save a step and let us help you with the dirty work of supplying high quality nibs.  If you are a bean to bar chocolate maker or a large  scale confectionary maker, let us be your cacao nib supplier. 



Regular price $10.50 USD
Regular price Sale price $10.50 USD

Ethically Sourced

Maintaining Relationships

We maintain close relationships with 165 farmers through technical training, in agronomic practices and organic certification. Learn more about how chocolate is made.

FAQ section

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Do you ship to my country?

Yes. We ship orders worldwide. See more information from other shipping related FAQ questions.

Do you make the chocolate by hand?

Yes. Once the beans arrive at Tabal Chocolates we sort, roast, crack and winnow, grid, conch or aerate, temper, pour into molds, then wrap each bar by hand.

Where do you get the cocoa beans?

We get the beans through our communities in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Columbia, Nicaragua, and Peru.

Do you do wholesale?

Yes. We do.