In the summer of 2012 Dan Bieser set out to create the best chocolate imaginable.  He started with old school chocolate making tools that were made from scratch and others that could be used in a home kitchen.   Dan began the quest for a healthy flavorful chocolate, an amazing hot chocolate, and a world wide adventure of relationship building.  

Beginning with some Lachandon Jungle cacao and other horizontally traded ingredients, Tabal Chocolate began a journey to help stabilize a challenged neighborhood and to part take in the development of the craft chocolate industry in the US. 

Tabal Chocolate is organically grown, gluten-free, vegan, soy free,  and made from bean to bar in small batches using stone grinders.  

In April of 2017 we opened our first retail store!  Located at 7515 Harwood Avenue, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.  In our new location we produce all our chocolate in small batches.  You can come and view some of the process as the chocolate is being made.  We also offer classes in chocolate making, Brazilian brigadeiro (Truffles), gelato and chocolate sorbet (dairy free) made with our dark chocolate.

Meaning of Tabal

Chocolate is more than just a food.  It brings us together.  Leave chocolate out on the table and friends, family, and strangers will converge.  Conversations happen and memories are made.  Relationships are built.

At Tabal Chocolate, we love chocolate. The smell, the taste, the very thought of it. But it’s chocolate’s power to bring people together that fuels our passion to make the best chocolate in the world. In fact, our name, Mayan in origin, says it all.

Tabal: n. Relationship; Anything attached to or connected to another.


Our logo comes from the shape of  the stone grinding wheels.  You can see the hand cut grooves in the volcanic stone.  That allows for a smooth flow of cacao liquor off of the stone as it is ground.