Private, Custom & Corporate Classes


Duration: 1-2 Hours

Location:   7515 Harwood Ave. Wauwatosa Village.

Time:   7-9pm  Please arrive 5 minutes early to get settled

We offer our classes for large private groups. See our classes for details on any individual class.

Chocolate Dipping or Chocolate Truffle Making

One-hour experience:
For up to 10 guests, $350
For up to 20 guests, $700

1.5-hour experience:
For up to 30 guests, $1,500 For up to 40 guests, $1,800

Two-hour experience: For up to 50 guests, $2,800 Includes hot-chocolate reception 


101 Bean to Bar

A complete 101 Bean to Bar class, just for your private group.

Up to 12 guests, $1,800


201 Bean to Bar

A complete chocolate making class just for your private group. 4 hours long.

For up to 8 guests, $1,200      For up to 12 guests, $1,800


Two-Hour Private Experience

Choose two of our most popular experiences for your group of up to 20 guests for an educational and tasty chocolate event. 

Up to 10 guests, $500 Up to 20 guests, $1,000

Choices include:  Factory tour + 101 Bean to Bar or Chocolate Dipping. Please include your choices when making an inquiry.

Children’s classes

Adventurerers (7-12 years old)

Up to 10 guests, $500  Up to 20 guests, $1,000