What are Cacao Nibs?

Cacao nibs come from fruit pods of the Theobroma Cacao Tree.  The pods are gathered by hand, split open, and the "baba" or wet seeds are removed.  The seeds are gathered and placed in fermentation boxes where they are rotated for about a week until most of the cacao pulp is evaporated.  The beans are then raked daily for about a week until they are fully dried.  Then the cacao beans are shipped to chocolate makers.

Next the dried cacao beans are roasted to fully dry the beans and reveal the unique flavor notes of that particular bean from each special origin.  All cacao is not the same.  Each cacao bean has particular flavor notes which are characteristic of the soil, climate, genetics, and fermentation technique used by the farmer.  Tabal Chocolate celebrates these differences and offers them to you so you can custom design your beer with different flavor notes including: fruity, floral, caramel, citrus, deep cocoa, earthy, and many more.

Once the beans are cooled from roasting they are cracked and winnowed, separating the skin from the bean and creating the cacao nibs.

Cacao Nibs are used for:

  • Brewing beer and spirits
  • Baking to add flavor and nutrients
  • As a snack mixed with nuts, berries and sweets or straight
  • On just about any food to add flavour and crunch
  • In smoothies
  • As an ingredient for many different foods

Cacao Products for Breweries

We regularly work with breweries interested in infusing cacao products into their brews.  The cacao beans we use are organically grown with great passion by experienced farmers.  Learn more about our process and the origins of our beans (here.....).

Cacao Nibs

Our cacao nibs are used by breweries looking to create chocolate-flavored brews using high-quality cacao products.  We have a wide variety of different cacao nibs from 8 different countries, each with a different flavor profile, from cherry notes to caramel and citrus flavors.

Cacao nibs can be purchased by the pound or kilogram in quantities from 5 pounds to 2200 pounds (1 metric tonne = 1000 kilogram).  We can provide nib samples for you to taste test our product, and we can roast to your specifications.

Our experienced and talented team of chocolate makers are qualified to help your business and brewmaster explore the evolving and exciting world of cacao nibs and cacao products.

Liquid Cacao

Unlike cacao nibs which need to be strained out of the brew, liquid cacao can simply be added to the brew with no straining needed.  Another benefit of the liquid is that you can request a specific flavor profile that compliments the flavor of the beer you are creating, and we can make that for you.  Tabal Chocolate has developed a liquid cacao containing water and cacao nibs with nothing else added.  The liquid is available to sample or to purchase by the gallon.           

Please contact us for a liquid cacao sample or purchase at or 414-585-9996.

Beer-Based chocolate bars

Here at Tabal Chocolate, we reduce waste where we can.  When we realized that breweries were discarding our cacao nibs after they had finished using them to flavor their beer, we were determined to find a way to provide new life to those flavorful nibs.

We began a partnership with several breweries who use our nibs.  They use our cacao nibs to create a great tasting, cacao-infused brew.  We take their used nibs, now infused with the great flavors of their beer, and create a chocolate bar that they can now sell in their breweries that is infused with their beer.  A wonderful pairing of beer and chocolate!

We reduce waste and their customers were treated with a great tasting custom labeled chocolate bar to go along with their beer. 

Breweries We Have Worked With

    Tabal Chocolate is a Direct Trade importer of cacao beans and cacao products from the finest origins and the most talented artisan farmers in the world. We sell bulk wholesale cacao nibs or beans to breweries and distilleries nationwide. Some of our customers include:



    Get Cacao Nibs for Your Brewery 

    Looking to source cacao nibs for your brewery?  Reach out to our chocolate maker, Dan, at or call 414-585-9996 for more information. We look forward to speaking with you about your craft chocolate and cacao product needs.

    If you are interested in a sample of our new liquid cacao, that you can add directly into your brew, please contact us at to request a sample.

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