The Colombian Chocolate Project

From the founding of Tabal Chocolate in 2012 we have always had a goal and vision to work with farmers and community members in Colombia to establish their own chocolate manufacturing businesses.  This journey began by meeting farmers and working with them to grow, harvest, ferment, and export the best cacao beans in the world. 

This is only the beginning as we want to encourage and support the creation of collateral businesses besides growing cacao.  Those businesses may include alternative uses of cacao and cacao reforestation projects to expand production and preserve the ecosystem.  Other projects could include the development of cacao processing facilities like roasting, winnowing, and the grinding of nibs into chocolate couverture.

The Colombian Chocolate Project is only our name for a much larger effort lead by our friend Miguel Betran in Santander, Colombia.  Miguel is a community leader, trainer, organizer, encourager, engineer, and cacao farming entrepreneur.  His project is the Criollo Cacao Yaguires Project.   Below you will find some photos of his efforts and on our blog for the project you will find even more inspirational pictures and updates.