One of the reasons we started Tabal Chocolate was to make one of the finest drinking chocolates available anywhere in the world, and we have achieved that goal.

Tabal ground chocolate comes in 70% Dark.  We use single origin Peruvian Cacao Powder to make this drink delicious, dark and one of a kind. Your purchase of this chocolate helps support small scale farmers in Peru.

Add some steamed milk or other non-dairy alternative for a rich hot chocolate.

10 ounce bag

This chocolate is vegan, soy free, and gluten free.

Our hot chocolate is the reason Tabal was founded. In 2012 Dan was searching for a flavorful hot chocolate he could drink on those cold winter days in Wisconsin. Yikes, there were very few options, let alone something that tasted amazing. About that time Dan had been traveling in Europe and had one of the richest thick hot chocolates he had ever had. He decided it was time to start his own chocolate company and bring REAL hot chocolate to Wisconsin.

As always you have to gauge how much chocolate you want to add and what liquid you want to mix it in. The Mayan’s only used water and frothed up the chocolate to release the amazing aromas of the cacao. If you want a richer tasting beverage try your favorite milk. Enjoy!